RenewAire Offers the Best Ventilation Choice For Your Home

Whether you have a new home under construction or an existing home needing a ventilation upgrade, RenewAire offers you the best ventilation choice. RenewAire provides powerful, quiet blowers in both its ventilation fans and energy recovery ventilators so you can enjoy ample air exchange without the objectionable noise associated with lower quality products. RenewAire ventilation fans are the most efficient line available in North America. And if you want the best “whole house” approach to efficient and effective ventilation, RenewAire ERVs makes your choice simple.

During the Air Conditioning Season

When you need to cool for comfort do you hate the stuffy, musty air quality in your home? RenewAire ERVs provide necessary fresh air while pre-cooling and pre-dehumidifying this air with energy that would otherwise be lost with the exhaust air. With summertime humidity control (latent energy) being the largest portion of air conditioning cost, RenewAire’s humidity transfer is critical. In fact RenewAire is typically three times more energy efficient than products that transfer only heat.

During the Heating Season

Outdoor air is warmed close to room temperature with heat that would otherwise be lost with the exhaust air. The water vapor transfer moderates extremes in humidity levels which helps prevent moisture damage or over-drying of the home. The heat and humidity transfer (sensible and latent energy) gives RenewAire a big advantage over other air-to-air exchangers typically recovering 30% more energy in winter.



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